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CrazzyZone Music was originally established on 27th October 2013. the band was started with 4 teenage boys, as a hobby. The current members of this band are, F.A.R, MNQ & Em Jay. In 2013 we released our very first album, of instrumentals, like, for ringtones, or background music, titled 'CrazzyZone : Tunes [Vol.1.0]. We planned for a music album, but couldn't, because we were not pros, then we thought a soundtrack for an special occasion, and we did release 1 song titled 'Will You Be My Valentine' on Valentine's Day 2014. But was later taken down as it didn't sound or felt a perfect one. Then on 14th Feb (Valentine's Day) we released our 2nd instrumental album, 'CrazzyZone : Tunes [Vol.2.0]', it's not that we are never gonna make any song, it's just that we need help not by money, but by ideas. And our every album/Soundtrack released till date are free to download on our Soundcloud page and few on

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    Instrumental, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Dubstep,

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