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Discussion: For Connoisseur's of Classical Music here is a perfect app by Saregama

govindj Posted: 9/16/2015 8:18:42 AM

For Connoisseur's of Classical Music here is a perfect app by Saregama

While you must have searched the google playstore and apple's app store you must have experienced that there isn't a one stop shop app for Indian classical music. Now with Saregama's Classical mobile app you will be able to explore the ocean of content on Indian classical music. Saregama's mobile app's usp is it not only provides Indian classical songs and instruments but it is a dedicated and focused app for classical music, very easy to use, user friendly and allows for offline download of music. Saregama's mobile application player has been made highly user friendly and a user can reach his desired song in 3 simple steps. The app will be available in iOS phone and iPads for version 6 and above and for Android phones and tables for version 2.3 and above. The app will offer live streaming (radio), on demand streaming and offline listening. These features will allow users to unwimd and relax at anytime with their favourite Indian classical songs or instruments. The player will offer a range of functionlity which includes play/pause, add to playlist, next/previous, navigation slider, download (offline), share. No more searching of your favourite hindustani, carnatic and fusion Indian classical music just download the app and enjoy. Since I am an Android user and an Indian classical music fan I will defintely try out the android version and will provide my feedback. Users of iPhone and iPad please share your views and feedback on the App. Saregama Classical

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